Webinar: #NoSchoolForMe. Giving a voice and visibility to children with disabilities excluded from formal education


21st June 2022 from 9.30-11.00 CET


#NoSchoolForMe. Giving a voice and visibility to children with disabilities excluded from formal education


Elisabeth Lammers, a mother of three, including of an adult son on the autism spectrum. She always wanted to have her son included in mainstream schools. She is board member of UNAPEI, a French national federation of 550 local associations created 50 years ago by parents, volunteers and friends of persons with intellectual disabilities.


#J’aipasécole (#NoSchoolForMe) is an awareness-raising campaign on the situation of the thousands of children with disabilities across France who are being denied their right to education. This initiative calls on the families of these children to send testimonies to highlight the experiences of children who are either provided with limited education which does not suit their needs or are unable to go to school at all. For three years in a row, this campaign has highlighted that the back-to-school season is not a reality for all children, despite their rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

#J’aipasécole gives visibility to the voices of children with disabilities and their families, who are seldom heard, through collating a database of their experiences. The information is provided directly by the persons whose rights are violated and also gives a space for their relatives to express how it affects them. Therefore, the policy recommendations and advocacy that comes out of this initiative are based on this collection of real-life experiences.

Join us to hear more and consider how to set up a similar campaign in your country.

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After a great year connecting with the COFACE Family Lab community through regular breakfast byte webinars looking at different types of supports to families (a support service, a campaign, a policy, a project, and more) we will launch a new breakfast byte series again in 2022.

It will again focus on diverse types of family supports across the EU, including campaigns on inclusive education, cross-border recognition of familial ties, family leadership for an inclusive life, employment supports to adults with disabilities, tips for child safety in the home, training of non-formal education staff for working with children with and without special needs, building energy systems which put families before profits and more.

With these breakfast bytes, we aim to increase critical thinking and understanding of family support systems. The target group of the webinars is especially professionals working with families and children but is open to all (researchers, policy-makers, teachers, health workers, families, and more). It is more important than ever to connect professionals through transnational exchanges in order to tackle the social impacts of COVID-19 on families and children.

Did you miss our breakfast Bytes series or you would like to re-watch it? You can find it on COFACE TV, our Youtube channel.

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