7 Jun, 2022

ANNUAL REPORT 2021 – Sustainable solutions to help families and the economy bounce back

COFACE Annual report 2021 Cover

2021 was not an easy year for families. The pandemic was a harsh reality for civil society and for families all over Europe. The important role of families as natural social safety nets and the need for an economy which cares became more obvious than ever before.


As you read the pages of this annual report, you will discover that our actions to set the EU agenda, to drive change, and to support both children and their families are captured in the word Families.


Driven by our 2030 Child compass and our new strategic framework we defined our focus to support families to bounce back from the Covid-19 crisis. We harnessed the full potential of technologies and developed our European Family Lab further as a strong and innovative tool to reach out to families and build bridges between family professionals.


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