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21 May, 2019

Building inclusive societies: Time for respect of human rights!

#AllFamiliesSpeakOut #InclusiveSocieties #WelcomingEurope

COFACE members in several EU countries are in action when it comes to creating inclusive societies. They organise support, ensure knowledge and protection of rights, and break down barriers to inclusion. Driven by community solidarity and anti-discrimination, they offer professional training and support services needed to ensure that all children and families have equal opportunity to lead safe and fruitful lives. These actions of civil society and family organisations help address some of the gaps between family, education and migration policy.

Our new COFACE position paper “Building Inclusive Societies – First steps to bridging the gaps between family, education and migration policies” describes the role of the COFACE network in the migration debate, as well as the role of education in building inclusive societies. We consider that education is crucial and the position paper addresses educational challenges for migrant children and families, followed by recommendations of actions needed. In the paper, we also highlight some key European actions from the European Commission’s Directorate Generals that deal with human rights, social inclusion, home affairs and education.

Annemie Drieskens, President of COFACE Families Europe: “We advocate for the mainstreaming of the family dimension in the field of migration policies and we believe that all families should be supported without discrimination – children rights and their well-being is a priority for COFACE. In the field of education we are convinced that a systematic two-generation approach is essential, providing coordinated services and education to both children and parents.”

We urge EU decision-makers to support our actions and to address the existing gaps between family, education and migration policies on a structural level, with a view to building a more inclusive, sustainable and welcoming Europe.

We urge all families to speak out through their vote this week in the European Elections, for candidates who are willing to help us build inclusive societies through real policy measures founded on human rights, not on fear.

We encourage you to use our 10 principles as compass for voting. Choose candidates and parties who fulfill all values because this is the only way to continue building a social, inclusive and democratic Europe.



Policy brief “COFACE members in action to support inclusion of migrant families”

10 principles.

>> Accessibility: A Europe which promotes the participation of persons with disabilities and their families in all areas of life.
>> Child Well-Being: A Europe which invests in the health and education of children.
>> Empowerment: A Europe which gives a voice to all families to act as citizens, consumers, and workers, with strong support for European and national civil society organisations.
>> Equal Opportunities: A Europe which believes in equality between women and men, as a cornerstone for achieving reconciliation between family and professional life.
>> Internet For All: A Europe which harnesses the transformative power of technology.
>> Non-discrimination: A Europe recognising ALL family forms.
>> Respect of Human Rights: A Europe which advances the rights of ALL families and their members.
>> Social Inclusion: A Europe which tackles poverty and social exclusion of families and their members, through access to resources and community-based services.
>> Solidarity: A Europe which promotes intergenerational solidarity, with full support and recognition of the role of family carers.
>> Sustainability: A Europe which wants to make the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals a reality.

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