21 Apr, 2022

Equal at home – equal at work: practical guide for working parents and employers 

We are happy to share with you a guide for working parents and employers “Equal at Home – Equal at Work” published by our member Share the Care Poland. It is a collection of expert articles and good practices for employers on building parental equality in the workplace. 

Parental caregiving is one of the most important factors in gender inequality. At the beginning of the 21st century, researchers from around the world named it the phenomenon of the so-called “motherhood penalty” – in the labor market, mothers have lower wages than fathers. Gender disparities in the treatment of employees can also be seen in the differences in pensions, different rights to social security and opportunities for participation in public life, and unequal opportunities for personal development.  

The guide is also an opportunity to prepare corporate organizations for the implementation of the EU work-life balance directive, which will be implemented in Poland by August 2022. 

The guide is available in two language versions – English and Polish. 

Download the guide here.

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