COFACE online exchange: Recognition of parenthood between Member States

28th June from 10.00-11.30 CET

COFACE members are invited to join the discussion on a regulation proposed by the European Commission in December 2022  aimed at harmonising at EU level the rules of private international law relating to parenthood. The proposal is focused on the best interests and the rights of the child.

It aims to provide legal clarity for all types of families, who find themselves in a cross-border situation within the EU, be it because they move from one Member State to another to travel or reside, or because they have family members or property in another Member State.

One of the main elements of the proposal is to create  a European Certificate of Parenthood: children (or their legal representatives) can request it from the Member State which established parenthood, and choose to use it to prove their parenthood in all the other Member States. The Commission proposes a harmonised template, common to the whole EU. The use of the Certificate would be optional for families, but they have the right to request it and to have it accepted all over the EU.

Registrations to open soon.


Background information

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