Discover the world through the eyes of a child at the House of Giants in Brussels

Imagine walking through a giant-sized house, each object has been tripled in size, allowing you to see it through the eyes of a child aged 0 to 5. As you walk through the rooms, you discover the risks and the best ways to prevent accidents for your own children. That’s what the House of Giants is all about and much more!

COFACE Families Europe is supporting the Brussels opening of this immersive exhibition on the 10th of November which aims to bring awareness to the importance of safety for children in the household.

Inside the House of Giants, parents are put at their child’s height and invited to wander through the different rooms where all the volumes have tripled in size. The public is thus playfully invited to climb on the toilet, to carry a frying pan, to grasp a false knife, etc.

The House of Giants will take place in Brussels from 10 to 20 November 2021 at Basilique Koekelberg (more here in Dutch and French).

Book your spot here for the opening on 10th November at 9.30am (see the full programme).

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