Housing and other connected support for single mothers


Tuesday 18th May 2021, 9.30-11.00 CET


By Michaela Marksova, Consultant, Women for Women

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In case of Czech Republic, there is no system of public housing for single parents and their children (and no system of public housing in general, only system of social benefits some of which are used for rents). One of the challenges is, that for renting an accommodation on the market you have to pay caution for 3 months’ rent, which the single families cannot afford.

Women for Women is a private organisation focused on single families. One of its project is to help single parents with accommodation. In many cases it is sufficient to pay the caution and then single families can already live without further support. Some of the families, however, can also be offered free one-year-accommodation. For single parents, who struggle with other issues (domestic violence or finding a job), W4W also offer help in a complex programme including psychotherapy and training for job skills. To take part in the therapy and training is a condition to get the yearly free accommodation.

So far the website https://women-for-women.cz/ is only in Czech language.


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