How babies influence the boardroom: supporting both parents and their employers with maternal & paternal wellbeing at work


Tuesday 15th June 2021, 9.30-11.00 CET


By Joyce Knappe, CEO Managing Director Pro Parents, Parent & Family Therapist & Organizational Anthropologist, The Netherlands

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“No one has ever asked me if I was comfortable being a full-time breadwinner and the fact that I was missing important milestones in my children’s lives. The fact that the new generation of men is no longer willing to sacrifice… committed themselves to being present in their children’s emotional space, next to their wives – is basically fantastic”.

Organizations & society need to press the ‘refresh’ button on Gender Equality. Women don’t need fixing. Men don’t need blaming. Empowering women is not about excluding men. It is about a life well lived. Both genders suffer from ‘the pressure to be it all’, especially the ambivalent relationship dads may feel between childcare duties and societal views of masculinity. Fathers increasingly want to be part of their children’s ’emotional space’ and this actually brings them a healthy partner- relationship and a life well lived.

This webinar will talk about supports to both parents and their employers with maternal & paternal wellbeing at work.

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