How to build parents’ communication skills with children, so as to prevent and combat bullying behaviours


Tuesday 13th April 2021, 9.30-11.00 CET


By Dr Antonia Torrens – Educational psychologist – Creator of the Live Without Project in Greece and responsible for its management and running

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There is extensive literature showing the great influence of parental involvement not only on children’s educational attainment, but also in the modes of behavior that children develop with peers and other persons. In this first webinar which is addressed to professionals working with parents, we are going to discuss how parents can recognize the signs of bullying and ways through which parents respond to bullying so as to help their child face it, or even better prevent it when possible.

The webinar is divided in 5 sections. The first section is about helping professionals understand what exactly is bullying and the importance of not confusing it with teasing and mockery, as well as about the characteristics of a bullying behavior. The second section aims to help parents understand how to react when they realize that their child is involved in incidents of bullying. The third section refers to the significance of parental behaviors so as to raise the self-esteem of their children so as to react against bullying in an appropriate/suggested way. The fourth section is about how parents can better communicate and collaborate better with the school so as to help their child overcome the difficulties they face. The fifth and last section aims to encourage parents of children who exercise bullying on others, not to be afraid to talk to a specialist and receive help, so as to become able in turn to help their child understand the reasons for not doing so.


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