School Bullying Management – Effective Skills for Educators

Picture of child with a sign saying "stop bullying"

School Bullying Management – Effective Skills for Educators.
A benefit for Children, Families and Schools

24th October 2023 from 9.30-11.00 CET

School Bullying Management – Effective Skills for Educators.
A benefit for Children, Families and Schools


  • Dr Antonia Torrens – Educational psychologist – Creator of the Live Without Project in Greece, and the recently launched e-learning course on school bullying management.
  • Irene Pateraki, Pedagogical and Monitoring Manager, Central Support Service for the European School Education Platform

This breakfast byte webinar is being organised in the run-up to the 2023 UNESCO international day against bullying, as a contribution to awareness-raising and capacity-building around the topic of bullying. Dr Torrens will kick off the webinar with a deep dive into the LINK e-learning course focusing on school bullying prevention and management, which aims to provide effective skills for teachers mainly, but also for all professionals in any educational setting who work with children, adolescents, and their families. The course follows an interactive approach to ensure each thematic unit is fully understood and can be implemented successfully.
Irene Pateraki from the European School Education Platform will be invited to respond to this presentation from their perspective. More specifically she will talk about the professional development initiatives organised on the theme of bullying in the European School Education Platform taking into account the European Commission recommendations/frameworks and making specific reference to the Pathways to school success and the LifeComp, as well as reference to some key eTwinning projects on the topic of bullying.

Further information

LINK programme
Pathways to school success

Webinar resources shared by speakers and participants

Programme used in Estonian kindergartens and schools which is originally Danish
FUSE programme developed by University College Dublin in Ireland
eTwinning schools factsheet


After two great years of connecting with the COFACE Family Lab community through regular breakfast byte webinars looking at different types of supports to families (a support service, a campaign, a policy, a project, and more), we are organizing more breakfast bytes in 2023.With these breakfast bytes, we aim to increase critical thinking and understanding of different family support systems. The target group of the webinars is especially professionals working with families and children but is open to all (researchers, policy-makers, teachers, health workers, families, and more). It is more important than ever to connect professionals through transnational exchanges for cross-border mutual support and care.


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