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“Shaping a healthy environment fit for children” conference was a success – All details around the event available!

Families want a healthy environment for their children to thrive and develop their own wings. This year, we celebrate the 30 years of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. For the occasion and with Sustainable Development Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-Being) in mind, in Helsinki on 3-4th October 2019 under the Finnish Presidency of the EU, COFACE Families Europe and Vaestoliitto (the Family Federation of Finland) hosted a gathering of family professionals on the topic of shaping a healthy environment fit for children. This is an open conference, and we gathered 80-100 key stakeholders from Finland and more than 25 European countries.

Taking a holistic family perspective and multi-generation approach as a starting point, we used the opportunity to:

  • Consider different areas (education, nutrition, early childhood education care, environmental risks, child-friendly cities, family circumstances) which impact the health and well-being of children;
  • Bring to the fore the expertise of the COFACE network and consider together how to strengthen the child health perspective in different policy areas;
  • Use the conference as an Open Space for family professionals to meet, exchange, network, collaborate, and build transnational dynamics;
  • Use the brainstorms and exchanges to develop the first elements of a 2030 compass to guide the work of COFACE and partners to ensure we can develop measures to build a healthy society, environment and economy fit for children.

This meetup started on 3rd October with a Spotlight on Finland : Round table on evidence-based methods on family work. There have been sustained national efforts to compile evidence-based methods on family work, which can be found on the “Early Intervention” online platform.  Similar approaches exist in Sweden and Norway but this is quite a new trend in support programmes for families. A representative from the European Platform for Investing in Children also took part in this session to bring a European perspective to the discussions.

On 4th October, we opened the conference with a triple welcome:

We then had a Keynote session with high level speakers on the new Finnish Child Strategy and an overview of child well-being across the EU.

Then the learning and networking happened through two channels: Open Spaces and Networking Hotspots.

–  Video – Hello From Leeds SEND 2018

Video – The City Centre Project 2018


Find here pictures of the conference.

For more information :


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