Stepping up implementation of the EU Child Guarantee: National action plans in the spotlight

Father and toddler cooking

By calling on EU Member States to guarantee access to basic rights and services for children in need and their families, the Child Guarantee represents a pivotal and timely instrument to enhance the protection of children experiencing poverty and social exclusion. Moreover, it lays the foundation for a stronger social and equity-driven Europe. Over the last months, it has been up to each EU Member State to draw up their Child Guarantee national action plans to outline how the framework will concretely be implemented in their respective countries until 2030.

The war in Ukraine and the ensuing crisis shows again that it is by consolidating family support systems, based on a mix of resources, services, and leaves which are accessible to all families without discrimination, that the European Union will be resilient and strong enough to absorb shocks.

COFACE and AGF are hosting an expert meeting in Berlin to:

  • examine the measures highlighted in the national action plans on the Child Guarantee to boost family supports;
  • study policy and service solutions to enhance child and family well-being;
  • bring together family policy-makers working to improve outcomes for children and their families;
  • boost the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan.

Working languages: English and German

Participation on invitation only.

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