Transnational Family Dynamics – online brainstorm on the state of play

Transnational Family Dynamics

COFACE online brainstorm/exchange

13 December 14.00-16.30

COFACE Families Europe is part of a new COST network called Transnational Family Dynamics in Europe which aims to deepen the knowledge of the growing, rapidly changing phenomenon and dynamics of transnational families (TNF) by bringing together researchers and stakeholders from different disciplines and countries to address the need for transnational insights and to formulate policy and practice-oriented recommendations with an impact on international, national, sub-local and local practices. We’re keen to examine to what extent EU social policies cover this reality, kicking off with a brainstorm with researchers and policy shapers on 13th December.

Although transnational families (TNFs) are not a new phenomenon, they have only gained academic interest in recent decades. TNFs reflect critical social, economic and political aspects of globalisation,  separate from, but still linked to, the concept of “migrant families”. The shift from migrant families to TNFs can be seen as a reconceptualisation of migration as an “uprooting” life event to the idea that migrants maintain ties to their home societies in many ways. Altogether, research on TNFs has led to the questioning of fundamental concepts and assumptions in research, policy and practice, as an exclusive ‘local’ and ‘sedentary’ focus conflicts with the mobile and/or transnational life of different TNFs and/or with the transnational nature of the challenges they face. Gradually, the concept of transnational families is appearing in public and political debates where TNF ties are seen as both a challenge and an opportunity. While research has acknowledged TNFs as an important societal actor in both sending, transit and receiving countries, migration politics and policies as well as the general public are not yet aware of their central role in different migration regimes and their outcomes. One of the main goals of our Action is to address the relative invisibility of TNFs and to raise awareness among the general public, institutions and policy makers of their existence and multiple realities that impact not only on the lives, well-being and decision-making of migrants and their families but also on various aspects and policies of the societies in which they live, such as the allocation of social protection and healthcare.

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