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A Closer Look at Single Parenting – every day challenges and solutions


Tuesday 25th January 2022 from 9.30-11.00 CET.


A Closer Look at Single Parenting – every day challenges and solutions.


The online talk will be given by Anna Nagy, Single Parents’ Centre, chairperson of the board.


This breakfast byte will start by addressing key questions in relation to single parenting namely the main challenges when raising a child on your own; what are the areas in parents’ and children’s life influenced by living with only one parent; and what are the main sources of conflict in single parent families.

This will be followed by a presentation of different ways to help these families, the kind of programmes run by the Single Parents Centre in Budapest providing a wide range of supports (eg single parent clubs, digital parenting, summer camps for children, respite services, support for single fathers and more).

Whether you are a parent or professional, join us for this deep dive into the world of single parenting with a specific focus on Hungary.

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After a great year 2021 connecting with the COFACE Family Lab community through regular breakfast byte webinars looking at different types of supports to families (a support service, a campaign, a policy, a project, and more) we launched a new breakfast byte series again in 2022.

It again focuses on diverse types of family supports across the EU, including campaigns on inclusive education, cross-border recognition of familial ties, family leadership for an inclusive life, employment supports to adults with disabilities, tips for child safety in the home, training of non-formal education staff for working with children with and without special needs, building energy systems which put families before profits and more.

With these breakfast bytes, we aim to increase critical thinking and understanding of family support systems. The target group of the webinars is especially professionals working with families and children but is open to all (researchers, policy-makers, teachers, health workers, families, and more). It is more important than ever to connect professionals through transnational exchanges in order to tackle the social impacts of COVID-19 on families and children.

Did you miss our breakfast Bytes series or you would like to re-watch it? You can find it on COFACE TV, our Youtube channel.


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