20 Apr, 2022

UNAPEI calls on French presidential candidates to commit to concrete disability policies    

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As the French presidential elections are ongoing and in the run-up to the legislative elections of 2022, COFACE’s member Unapei and its network want to see concrete actions for the rights of persons with disabilities reflected in the candidate’s campaign. They are mobilising and challenging the candidates through a plea made up of several demands.  

Unapei proposes concrete commitments to the presidential candidates so that all people with disabilities can live their lives to the fullest and be included in the community. There is an urgent need for a real disability policy. It is possible to live in a society that no longer excludes people with disabilities: to do this, they must first be guaranteed access to quality support. This is a fundamental right for people with disabilities. 

For UNAPEI there are several key prerequisites to achieving this: 

  • There can be no quality support without qualified and trained support professionals 
  • Access to a sufficient range of support services is a condition for a dignified and inclusive life in society 
  • It is up to society to adapt to disability situations, not the other way around! 

Find out more about Unapei’s asks by theme below: 

Education & Early Childhood: Guarantee the right to Education for all children: it is up to the school to adapt, not to the child 

Housing: Guaranteeing the possibility of living at home for people with disabilities. 

Health: Ensure access to health for people with disabilities. 

Work: Guarantee access to working life. 

Accessibility – Citizenship: Guarantee the exercise of citizenship for people with disabilities. 

Caregivers: Guarantee that family carers can ‘just be parents’ and have the choice. 

Read more about the demands and find the full manifesto in French and French Easy-to-read here. 

Photo: ©Element5 Digital via Canva.com

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